Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mark of the Sylph -Review-

Normally I hate coming in on a series that I have not read the first book on.  However, Mark of the Sylph by Rosalie Lario, stands alone.  while it does reference book one, they explain enough so that you don't need to read the prior book to enjoy the story. 

How would you feel if Demons killed your family and terrorized you as a child? Maya Flores has that issue.  Not only that but she is immune to magic.  This means that she can see through all magic and that is exactly what sexy Half-demon Taeg needs.  So when Taeg kidnaps Maya she has to learn to live with having a demon around and keep her nightmares under control.  Oh and did I mention that there is a sword, an angel, a dragon, and more?

I loved this book it had a lot; it had a fast story line that was easy to keep up with, understandable characters and the true meaning of losing prejudice.  Not only that but it also had some hot, not so vanilla, sex scenes.  I mean who can resist a super sexy half demon.  Not Maya that is for sure. 

Things that could be improved in the book would be some of the descriptions of the demons that Maya sees.  While they do give you a good understand of what she is seeing I think that there was room for some amazing embellishment on what was done. 
I really can’t wait to see what happens to the rest of the half brothers and what trouble they get into. 

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