Sunday, February 17, 2013

Arcada 1: Blacque/Bleu -Review-

Being Gay and in the closet is hard enough in a small town.  Now add a super attraction to the near century old vampire next door, a pushy father who wants grandchildren and you to take over the family, a sister who is in to everything, and oh yeah you just happen to be an alpha werewolf.  That is only the beginning of what is going on with Lukas Blacque. 

Lukas has been in the closet his entire life and had done really well until Bleu stepped into his life and messed with everything he thought he knew.  Lukas thought he had enough in his life to keep him occupied, he had a successful mechanic shop, he was slowly adding on to his tattoo, and the world was running the way his father would have wanted it.  Until the day that his father decides that Lukas is going to take over the pack and needs to be put into training to be Alpha.  Part of this training is to start having children. 

Bleu had been fading for years, just wanting his afterlife to end.  Nothing excited him anymore.  Until he had his chance with Lukas then everything changed.  He had a reason to live again and a reason to fight convention.  However the situation going on behind the love affair means that it will be over before it starts. 

Belinda McBride delivers a very enjoyable romance between two hot paranormal men.  While I know this is not the first in these particular genera it is the one I have enjoyed the most.  I look forward to seeing what else McBride has to share with us about the lives of Arcada. 

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